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Our Story

Protecting Our Family and Yours

Good news brought great responsibility.

When our president found out he was expecting, he knew his responsibility became more than just taking care of himself. Now a family was formed, and the future was in question. One night he decided he needed to help create a better world for his family.

The core of a better place started with health and wellness and concluded with safety. What better representation for wellness and safety than the Roman goddess Salus Defense?

Our president went out and built a team that cared about putting out the best products to help keep our families healthy and safe. Protection first, from things outside of our control, such as natural disasters or less than desirable outsiders. Then finding products that keep our bodies healthy and contributing to wellness across the globe. Our President is determined to live by his Salus Defense mantra, “Preparation is an essential part of keeping lives healthy and safe!”

The Salus Defense story is truly one of focus, research, and perseverance. A guy following a dream and growing, not just with one new life, but creating family from country to country. The Salus Defense family now shares in his vision and has grown into a resource for heath, wellness, and safety. “We regard preparation as an essential part of keeping lives healthy and safe,” adds our president on the strength behind the Salus Defense brand. “You can think ahead, but there is always something you can be better prepared for.”

We conduct our business under these guiding principles:

  • Our idea from day one is create, produce, and offer the best products to help families become healthier and safer.
  • The Salus Defense team uses every product we offer; if we wouldn’t use it, why would you?
  • We make sure every product Salus Defense offers is of the highest quality and vow to provide caring and extraordinary customer service.
  • We provide a caring, genuine, free-spirited, diverse place to work.
  • We are excited about building strong relationships with everyone we interact with: our customers, our community, and our suppliers.
  • Community is very important to us; we remain active in ours. We purchase from local farms, donate food to charitable causes, and work with organizations to teach people the importance of eating a local diet.
  • We communicate consistently—between ourselves and with our customers. We know knowledge is key for preparing for the future and seek to share it with like-minded people.
  • We want to be a place to learn. Our blog and products enable us to educate families, helping them discover ways to create greater wellness every day.